We Bravely Ate KFC’s Weird Double Down Dog

CEBU, Philippines – Fine dining? Who needs fine dining when there’s KFC? I wrote this article for Thrillist when the Double Down Dog was served in the Philippines only… and I, coincidentally, was in the country.

Hey, it worked for them once — some would even say thrice — so they’re doing it again: KFC recently launched the Double Down Dog. But not in the US, the land where hot dogs are king. They did it in the Philippines, where American fast food plays second fiddle to Jollibee.

That’s right, the Double Down — originally two fried chicken breasts used to wrap a couple of bacon slices and cheese — is now making a play for hot-dog glory by subbing out the bun for a hunk of deep-fried poultry. Culinary abomination or a glimpse at a grainless future? Well, since the thing’s still around despite being advertised as a two-day-only special from January 26th-27th, we figured it was time to find out.

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