5 must-try restaurants for every foodie in Montreal, Quebec

MONTREAL, Canada – Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a foodie mecca. It’s one of the most celebrated culinary destinations in North America. Not only does Montreal have a very strong and vibrant immigrant community, bringing along its influences, techniques and ingredients, the city has a strong reputation for having a very unique food culture in itself. In Montreal, food is very serious matter. Here’s a quick list of five must-try restaurants for foodie tourists when visiting the metropolis.

5. Manitoba

This restaurant has a lot of flair, from its wait staff to its kitchen and everything in between. There are no “normal”, “regular”, “average” dishes in this restaurant. Furthermore, it’s quite out of the way, which will force you to visit parts of the city you wouldn’t normally visit.

The menu is built exclusively around local ingredients. In Montreal, this means that the menu during the winter will vary greatly as opposed to the menu during the summer. This also means that words like suaeda, sagamite, buckthorn, tatsoi, snakeroot and sabline will adorn the menu. Don’t worry: the bohemian, proud waitstaff will gladly explain in great detail everything that’s on your plate.

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